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It’s difficult in today’s world to hide your background. The Internet has made it possible for a person or company to go back in your history to gather information about you. Many companies, when hiring new employees, do extensive background checks to ensure that the person they hire is the right person for the job. Some companies even run background checks on their current employees. Background checks can include employment history, credit checks and verification of education and residence. Here are three reasons you should run a free online background check on yourself, before applying for a job.

Verifying Information

Online records can sometimes be more accurate the memory. You might not be able to recall when you got hired or when you left certain positions. You can use the online background check to verify dates, names and detailed information about your past employment and education. When filling an application or submitting a resume, you want the information that you use to match the information available on your background check.

Correcting False Information

Online records are not always accurate. By checking your background before applying for the job, you have a chance to try to correct any information that is inaccurate. For some background information, you can submit a dispute online with the reporting agency. For other information, you may have to make a request to an agency or company to get it corrected. This process can take time. So, it is important that you have the background information before applying for the job so you can correct it before the potential employer checks your background.

Explain Negative Information

If you check your background and find that there is negative information that is true, you need to be prepared to explain the matter when asked by an employer. By checking your background you can prepare yourself to explain bad credit, terminated employment or weak reports or evaluations. You want your explanation to be truthful, but preparing a short statement about your background can help you feel more comfortable when explaining the issue to a potential employer.

By ordering a free online background check, you can be better prepared to answer questions about your background when asked by an employer. This preparation can help you appear more confident and capable to an interviewer. This confidence can help you in securing a job, even when you have negative information on your background check.


Instant Search Results: