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Finding a good job can be a hard thing to do if you are an ex-con. Criminal histories haunt people who are working hard to move on with their lives by getting hired on at a good company. In fact, some jobs require that the employer conduct a background search before a person can be considered for the position no matter how well qualified they are. Before you start applying for work, here is a list of positions that almost always investigate a potential employee before they can be hired.

Public Schools: It’s not just principals and teachers who require a background check that requires they place their fingerprints on record. Even staff hired for information technology, custodial, and secretarial positions must be investigated before they can work in any school, either charter or public school district. The main reason why every employee is investigated before they are hired is to protect the safety of the children in the school’s care.

Daycare Centers: Potential employees at these daycare centers have to pass a free background check for the same reasons that workers in schools have to. In this position, workers are hired to interact with young children every day. If a prospective employee has a history that includes physical abuse, molestation, or kidnapping, they won’t get the job.

Home Care Provider/Adult Daycare: Similar security is necessary for the vulnerable elderly members of our society. A criminal history that includes violence or theft ensures you won’t get the job.

Nurses/Nurse’s Aide: Nurses and nurse’s aides provide a wide range of health care including assisting physicians and making a bed more comfortable. They also set up IVs, draw blood, and administer drugs. Anyone with a history of violence, theft, or drug abuse will not be eligible to work in either one of these positions.

Bank Employee: No bank will hire an individual with a history of money laundering, extortion, theft, or other financial crimes. Bank employees are entrusted with large amounts of money on a daily basis. In a bank, it would be too risky to hire someone with a criminal record that includes financial crimes.


Instant Search Results: