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A background check gathers data from a wide assortment of sources. Some of it is costs nothing if you are willing to invest the time to extract the information from the large number of site needed to be visited to get the information you are needing. Then again you can pay a low fee and immediately get the information you are looking for.

Check Sex Offender Registry by Contacting:

Division of State Police Sexual Offender Registry PO Box 7068 West Trenton, NJ, 08628-0068 p (609) 882-2000 x2886 f (609) 538-0544 Website

Check Criminal Records by Contacting:

Division of State Police Records and Identification Section PO Box 7068 West Trenton, NJ, 08628-0068 p (609) 882-2000 x2991 f (609) 530-5780 Website

Check Incarceration Records by Contacting:

New Jersey Department of Corrections PO Box 7450 Trenton, NJ, 8628 p (609) 777-5753 f (609) 777-8369 Website

New Jersey Free Background Checks and Criminal Records

Every state in the Union is known for a particular thing. Unfortunately, New Jersey is known for the many criminal activities of shady people. Therefore, law abiding residents of New Jersey need the availability and services of more than residents of any other state. is a unique website service that allows you to do a background check on those you are considering hiring or anyone that you feel you should know the background of. The search takes only a few minutes to run. Simply fill in each field and hit submit.

If you tried to run a background check on your own, you would need to contact New Jersey’s Division of State Police Records and Identification, the Department of Corrections and the Division of State Police Sexual Offender Registry. does all the work for you. You will have all the information that you need within moments.

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A Guide to New Jersey Background Checks

There are several websites that offer New Jersey criminal records with either searchable databases or downloadable forms. These websites allow you to conduct background checks on employees. Additionally, these websites can be used by property owners to check out any potential renters.

The Department of Corrections in New Jersey offers a searchable offender and criminal directory that is searchable.

Additionally, the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety’s website offers you downloadable forms, employment background requests, licensing requirements, criminal background checks and a list of registered sex offenders. Finally, you will be able to find contact information for New Jersey’s cyber crimes and special investigation units.

Crime index trends are updated every six months on the website. The statistics on the site shows the number of carjackings, domestic violence incidents and bias crimes based on religion, gender, sexual preference, disability or race.

You can find more information about criminal records for New Jersey and other states by visiting other public record databases online. These websites are run by professional researchers who peruse public records. The services offered through these websites may require a fee when requesting an individual’s criminal history.

Counties in New Jersey

  • Bergen
  • Cape May
  • Burlington
  • Camden
  • Atlantic
  • Cumberland
  • Essex
  • Gloucester
  • Hudson
  • Hunterdon
  • Ocean
  • Mercer
  • Middlesex
  • Monmouth
  • Morris
  • Union
  • Warren
  • Passaic
  • Salem
  • Somerset
  • Sussex

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